Weal - Mental Wellness.

Music for your emotions, literally.

Anxiety Sucks, Let's Help With That.

For a school project, myself and a team of 3 others were tasked to create an application based on one of many different topics. I became emotionally invested in a mental health app, as the year prior I had been going through plenty of mental health challenges that I felt I could work with. We decided on a music app that contains curated playlists based on a users mood/answers they enter in a check-in form.


Playing My Part.

Ultimately, the part I played was front-end developer, and given our group setups, this was perfect. I was partnered with a UX designer, a Content Strategist, and another Web Developer - each of us fell into our roles very quickly and easily. I was tasked to create the music player and prototyping a sign-up page, as well as the bulk of the CSS, with dynamic content being a collaborative effort.

My Role

Utilizing My Skills.

Vue.js | Vite | JavaScript | CSS | Cloud Storage

By now, I had become so comfortable with JavaScript and Vue that I could take incredible leaps with the additions I wanted to add. I pushed hard for a custom music player, and built it entirely from scratch within 1 week. This music player contains Play/Pause, Skip/Back, Shuffle/Repeat, and a scrub bar that can be dragged and is updated in real-time. Unfortunately, we never got around to the dynamic content curation, but that is a future plan I intend on adding.


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