A Bit About Me.

Web Developer


History Lover








A lover of all things digital, I strive everyday to enhance my skillset, expand my knowledge on the things I love, and have fun doing it.

What I Do Best.


Every single project I create is expected to work. The most joy I get is when a user doesn't need to think about what they're using. "It just works".


Passionate to the end, pixel-perfect design, and always using new and innovative tech/techniques drive my skillset to new heights.


From development to personality, I am someone who constantly evolves and takes new ideas and runs with them, stretching my limits to be better.

How I Do It.

What I Love.


I actively study and consume almost as much history as I do development practice. Learning about humanities past is my favourite pastime.

Video Games

A very close second, I adore video games. Experiencing new worlds, mechanics, and tech enlivens me and helps with creativity and ideas.


Recently bitten by the travel bug, ever since my first flight in 2016, I've taken a major trip every 2 years, and I'm looking to shorten that everytime.

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