Patrick Bradley's Portfolio.

A modern User Experience designers’ portfolio.

Passionate and Driven.

Patrick Bradley graduated from both Fanshawe College and Humber College, and honed his skills as a User Experience designer. Patrick has an incredible skillset, with some gorgeous designs that he wanted to display, so he came to me.


Putting My Knowledge to Use.

Fresh off of learning Nuxt, and starting to understand more technical concepts, I took Patrick’s designs and developed his site with pixel-perfect accuracy - collaborating through the entire process. From dynamic page rendering, to full screen transitions, to even multiple custom blog layouts, Patrick’s portfolio is a perfect representation of what I’ve learned in my short time as a developer, and a bright look at my future endeavours.

My Part

The Tools Used to Create.

Nuxt | Prismic | SASS

I chose nuxt as the JS framework after leveraging its incredible plugin power in a previous project, but didn’t get the full scope of what Nuxt could do until Patrick’s portfolio. This was also the first time using a headless CMS outside of my original portfolio, and I chose, as the simple WYSIWYG editor made Patrick’s life that much easier, creating high quality content and providing a more unique experience using Prismic “Slice Zones”.


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