Toksan Anime.

Reinventing the way to present anime.

Building From Passion.

My bestfriend and closest working partner, Patrick Bradley, was using CrunchyRoll to attempt to find information about his favourite anime at the time: Demon Slayer. Eventually he got fed up due to the lack of modern, easy-to-access, presentable information just simply to share to his friends. He came to me with this idea, and being an anime fan myself, loved it.


The Approach.

After realizing why we wanted a site like this, we then got to work choosing our favourite anime to display information on, as well as methods of providing simple information for other anime/manga. Once we chose our anime, we combined our lists and decided to take 4 each and create wholly unique designs using our principles and techniques, while still managing to combine them into the overall site, not making them feel out of place.

By Design

The Tech-y Stuff.

Nuxt | JavaScript | FontAwesome | Axios | GitHub Pages | Cloud Storage | APIs

Given the amount of anime/manga data we would need, and the image-based content we used in our designs, I knew I couldn't supply all of the data myself; we also needed a place for storage for images since it would overload our site, not causing it to load, this is where the APIs and cloud storage come in.


I created a basic JSON API for the unique pages we chose to make. This approach was because I knew the development needed to be modular, otherwise, it would take forever to hard-code every page. I also used to populate the pages with the basic information needed to fill space and boost our site thematically. Consumed and populated using Axios and Nuxt, I created a blazing-fast experience with simple caching for future use.

Cloud Storage

While I've used cloud storage services before, this was the first time I needed more storage than ever and needed to make sure uptime was perfect. I chose Cloudinary, to gain extra storage and bandwidth for no cost. I consumed the data using their simple API, and voila: 24/7 access with insane load speeds.


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