Investigate and take down a cult seeking to bring ancient Japanese Shinto deities into the world.

Two screens of with a glass background and solid cube for the screens to lean diagonally on . The first screen has a photo of the Home location with the main character speaking, as well as a navigation menu. The second is the splash screen of the game, with the main menu.

Picking My Favourites.

This project was all about what I liked, and how I could express my skill at the time as best as I possibly could. I chose to create a visual novel that centered around Japanese mythology and culture, combined with modern Japanese trends and westernizing it to reach a better audience. The simple fact is that I love anything to do with Japanese, and when I was given the opportunity to create something like this, I went all in.


Being Creative is Hard.

While this was a school project, I went into this as if I would be publishing a game. I wrote a story from scratch, curated the backgrounds, and decided on a logo, UI, everything. The hardest part was easily the story; coming up with a story that not only leads the player through a narrative, but also provides context for events, a meaningful tutorial, and weaving interconnected plotlines and memorable characters, it's a lot, and there was a massive amount of burnout, but man was it fun.


What's Happening.

The story is set decades in the future on an island called Toksan. Your name is Ara Naobu, and you're a young, lone-wolf detective who's just been hired by the Japanese government to investigate corruption and mistreatment of citizens on the island. Except, that's not all you're looking for. You're also secretly looking into cultist activity to find out why people are going missing, and if this has to do with your past...


Cool Tech Stuff.

Vue.js | Firestore | Vercel | reCaptcha | CSS3 | VueX | Vue PWA

Given the crunch that was about to be expected, my framework was a comfort pick with Vue. Firestore has been something I've wanted to use before, but couldn't find the right project for it. This project was one I knew I would need to lean heavily into modular data, so Firestore fit perfectly. reCaptcha was also something I used for the first time to perform authentication, and it was seamless. Everything else is standard fare.


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